Can Mobile Phones Improve Disaster Preparedness?

Can Mobile Phones Improve Disaster Preparedness?, was independently conducted by the Centre for Innovation Policy and Governance (CIPG) in Indonesia and released in October 2018 at the Social Capital Markets (SOCAP) conference by Atma Connect.The AtmaGo App is the social networking tool that was evaluated in the study and is currently used by over 1 million people in Indonesia and soon to be introduced in Puerto Rico. To set up media interviews please contact Glenn Turner, 917-817-3396,


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How can mobile phones improve disaster preparedness? Find out in a new study released today. #neighborshelpingneighbors @AtmaGoApp @AtmaConnect

Knowing your neighbors is as important as water, shelter in a disaster. A new study was released about how a social networking tool can save lives, reduce economic loss, connect victims to critical resources. #neighborshelpingneighbors @AtmaConnect

New apps are helping in emergency situations, but it’s rare to have evidence demonstrating concrete impacts. How exactly do local social networks help in a natural disaster? Find out in a new study released today. #neighborshelpingneighbors @AtmaConnect

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“Communities that are better connected experience lower mortality, morbidity, and economic losses in disaster. Being connected to your neighbors is a powerful resilience tool that is underutilized. We are trying to change that.” – Meena Palaniappan, CEO of @AtmaConnect, about a new study on the impact of @AtmaGo. #neighborshelpingneighbors

Emergency alerts and related disaster recovery information helped AtmaGo users take effective preventive actions: 93% of respondents moved valuable items, 83% evacuated, and 45% warned others. Read the whole study about the impact of @AtmaGo in emergencies here. #neighborshelpingneighbors

In a new study about the impacts of @AtmaGoApp in an emergency, 67% of respondents found the local social networking tool “very” and “extremely” helpful in preparing them for disaster, and 79% of users found AtmaGo “very” and “extremely” helpful in connecting them with their community. #neighborshelpingneighbors @AtmaConnect Read the whole study here.