AtmaGo is powered by it’s users, but useful to many different groups. Government agencies, local community groups and individuals have all benefited from Atma’s user-generated content.

“AtmaGo is such an important platform for us to share information on flooding, fires, and other disasters. It is an active local forum, and it is trusted, and helps us reach poorer neighborhoods in Jakarta.”

Pak Bambang Jakarta Disaster Management Agency (BPBD)

“AtmaGo helps me know what issues people are facing, and what will be soon reported to my office.”

Alamsyah SaragihOmbudsman, Republic of Indonesia

Partner testimony

“AtmaGo … built a localized social network to help urban poor communities build resilience to shocks from climate change and economic uncertainty. With the mobile app, individuals in a given community can better share knowledge and resources with their neighbors. And their approach is already proving to be successful – during the devastating flooding in Jakarta in February 2015, people were able to share tips and real-time updates on shelters and services”

Dr. Luca Alinovi Executive Director, Global Resilience Partnership

User testimony

“I use AtmaGo because it gives me a way to help other people. All the other social media is ‘ego media’—look what I am wearing or look what I am doing. AtmaGo is something different.”

Fajri AtmaGo user