Building a movement to empower communities from the ground up

Disaster Resilience

Our mobile app AtmaGo, a hyperlocal social network, prevents mortality, morbidity, and economic losses from disaster. Better connected communities bounce back more quickly from disaster.

Women's Empowerment

Women use our AtmaGo mobile app to help each other, report community problems, and share resources. Women and children are 14X more likely to die in disaster and AtmaGo gives them critical information to survive.

Amplifying Voices

AtmaGo amplifies the voices of people — connecting people to solutions, government services, and resources.

Collective Action

AtmaGo is being used by people around the world to amplify cooperative work, rebuild neighborhoods, build local economies, and prepare for the next disaster.


Users Say AtmaGo is Helpful to Prepare for Disaster

AtmaGo Users Impacted


Users Say AtmaGo is Helpful for Building Community

Tackling Food Insecurity in Puerto Rico with Atma Go

https://youtu.be/szGQlCZLiWM Community ties are strong in Puerto Rico. This is a place that is built around people getting together and working...

International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction

Connecting communities & resources with AtmaGoPeople are more likely to survive disasters and address vulnerabilities when they have good social...

Women leaders are building mutual support in the time of Covid-19

As the Global Pandemic hits certain communities harder than others, people are turning to each other to solve local problems. And, women are on the...

Impact Evaluation

Independent evaluation study finds: AtmaGo saves lives, reduces loss in disaster


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