As Spring turns to Summer in California, our user-base continues to grow in Indonesia—and our organization continues to take shape as an independent nonprofit. Last month we had over 6,000 active monthly users, and we have reached over 30,000 unique users since our launch.

And, people have been using AtmaGo to improve their communities from the ground up. These video interviews with our users on the ground in Indonesia detail the problems they face and show how AtmaGo provides useful information—to help deal with neighborhood problems, find jobs, and respond to flooding. A recent post on garbage piles in Malang, which makes problems like flooding worse, led to local government action to clean up the problem.

We were pleased to be featured in the May Global Resilience Partnership email on The Power of Participatory Data in Community Resilience. We share the mission of the Partnership to use technology to “democratize data” and unleash the resourcefulness and ingenuity of all kinds of communities across the globe.

As a winner of the Amplify Urban Resilience Challenge, we had the opportunity to send Sergio Paluch, our Chief of Product, and Alfan Rodhi, our Indonesian Field Director, to Kenya for the IDEO/Amplify design boot camp. During the week-long camp, Sergio and Alfan got a crash course in IDEO’s “human centered design” methodology and learned from design experts how to apply their frameworks to our challenges.

Atma Ventures to Kenya


Alfan (front-right) and other members of the IDEO bootcamp visiting the Kibera slum in Kenya, April, 2016. Credit: Sergio Paluch.

And, as we write, our CEO is in Jakarta to join Atma’s Indonesian staff in hosting the design. We look forward to reports from the field!